Reasons to Buy Affluent Luxury Properties in Dubai


It’s 2022 Habibi! Dubai has traveled a long way from being a small settlement of the members of the Bani Yas tribe to being the new epicenter of global commerce with a string of skyscrapers illuminating the city. The multicultural hot pot of development is known for a lot of reasons, but it preserves its unparalleled status for the innumerable irresistible real estate opportunities. Ranging from the Opus luxury apartments for sale to a swanky establishment for the hospitality industry, Dubai is a dream destination for everyone who looks out for an opulent lifestyle in a thriving yet reasonably priced real estate market.

There are many reasons to get a luxury property for sale in Dubai. Let’s dive into some of them to find out what makes Dubai a lucrative investment market for real estate:

Upward economic graph

The economic trajectory of the UAE is on constant growth, and the positive growth indicators make Dubai a prime location for investment. Many posh locations can get you exceptional returns on investment. In addition, the UAE government is giving out flexible payment plans along with special incentives to investors as per their financial status. For residents, the interest rate is 5.5%, and for non-residents, the interest rate set by the government is 4.5%. The government has also enabled an unlimited remittance limit and 10-years visas for foreign investors, so the profitability of Dubai’s real estate market is pretty much on the high end.

The location factor

Emirates is known for giving businesses the best of both worlds- the east and the west. Enterprises that want to expand globally pick Dubai as their HQ because its time zone is one of the most convenient ones. The place is a focal point for enterprises to match the timings of both the east and west, and part of Dubai’s growing charm for investors is its preferable location. Dubai offers unmatched global connectivity in terms of travel, and there are two to eight-hour flights to all major cities in Europe, Asia, and more.

Get the luxury of your choice

Dubai is also known for its rapid developments and the city now boasts a diversity of prime properties loaded with state-of-the-art amenities. From premium penthouses and jazzed-up full-services apartments to lavish villas and premium penthouses, when it comes to buying luxury properties, Dubai offers a truckload of choices over any regular real estate market.

The bottom line

Research by the New World Wealth Market stated that UAE is ranked as one of the top five countries that are preferred by millionaires. As a dynamically evolving financial hub, Dubai has become one of the most preferred migrating destinations for HNWIs and well-to-do ex-pats.

Whether you are Dubai’s own inhabitant, or you have stepped into Dubai in the hope of some significant real estate opportunities, consulting the seasoned real estate giants like Omniyat real estate can be a brilliant idea to stay atop the market. Ranging from residential masterpieces to commercial marvels, there’s everything for everyone who wants to experience elevation at its finest!