Buying Off-plan Properties: Top Benefits You Must Know

The trend of investing in off-plan properties is increasing in modern times. In simple words, off-plan property means the property available for sale before its construction has been completed. When you decide to buy such a property, you need to sign a contract to purchase a unit yet to be built. Are you confused about whether to buy such properties or not? Well, do not worry! This article will educate you about the benefits of investing in off-plan properties

  • Flexible Payment Option

Not everyone can afford to pay a lump sum amount at a time to buy a property. In such a situation, investing in off-plan properties can be a great option. With flexible payment plans, it lets you maintain liquidity throughout the construction period. The construction of these properties usually takes somewhere between 24 to 36 months. So, a majority of developers require you to deposit just 10% when you sign the contract. The remaining 90% can be settled during the construction period. As a result, it takes the financial burden off your shoulder and allows you to better plan and manage your finances. 

  • Great Returns on Investment

Are you looking for a property that you can sell in the future? If that is the case, investing in off-plan properties is a smart decision. Off-plan properties are usually sold below the market-value price. So, it provides the investors with an opportunity to sell the unit at a higher price once it is completed. That is why it can be highly rewarding for investors. It will enable you to get greater financial returns and enjoy a healthy profit.

  • More Choices

When you plan to invest in an off-plan property, you can get more choices in terms of property units. It allows you to select the specific type of unit that fits your requirements. However, a point to note here is that by the time the project gets completed, most of the best units will have been sold to interested buyers. As a result, it can limit your chances of getting prime units. So, it is wise to make your decision fast and buy the desired unit in the early stage of the development of the property.

  • Custom Finishes

Many off-plan properties offer you the chance to make updates in the pre-construction phase. Developers allow you to make changes in the unit layout. For instance, you can select the color scheme of the home, its fittings, and more. It enables you to get home as per your liking.


Buying off-plan properties can provide you with a lot of benefits. Whether you are willing to buy a property as a homeowner or an investment venture, off-plan properties are the best choice. Want to invest in an off-plan property or buy studio in Dubai? Make sure to collaborate with reputed and trusted developers for the best deals. 


Are off-plan properties available for commercial purposes?

Yes, many developers provide off-plan properties meant to be used for commercial or business purposes.

Is it worth investing in a studio in Dubai?

Absolutely! Being affordable and easy to maintain, it can be an excellent investment option. So, buy studio in Dubai and enjoy the many benefits.