All You Need to Know about Samsung the Frame 2022


Samsung are an incredibly popular tech company; they make more than just mobile phones. Their range of products is vast. One product that continues to grow in popularity is the Frame which is essentially a television. Since its first release, Samsung has continued to innovate with every new version of the Frame, receiving further updates in order to address the everchanging demand of its consumers. So what has 2022 brought for the Frame? Read on to find out.


The design of the Samsung Frame has remained consistent in the last few years; in fact, to most people, the design of the 2022 is hard to tell apart from the 2021 – if the screens are off. The outer edge or case comes in five colors, although the most popular is the black bevel. It can be hung on the wall, or it also comes with leg attachments if you want to place it on a stand. The screen is matte and anti-reflective to minimize glare. The display is also more colorful and clearer than the previous models.


In all truth, there aren’t major differences when it comes to measuring the 2022 Frame’s performance with the 2021 Frame. Instead, the differences are more subtle. The brightness is similar overall to last year’s model. However, the 2022 Frame excels in all light levels, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because of the matte display and anti-glare technology. It even holds its own in direct sunlight.


Samsung The Frame 2022 – which you can get directly from the manufacturer, cut out the middleman and save some money – uses a 2.0.2 channel sound system. The sound system is arguably mid-range, being less than other models but more than others. Truthfully, it isn’t spectacular, but there is nothing wrong with it. However, you can connect speakers to the Frame for a more well-rounded audio experience.

Customer Experience

The interface is relatively easy to use, although you do have to return to the home screen to select something. That being said, navigating the home screen is pretty simple, and software updates will only improve this. Interestingly the Frame 2022 remote is solar-powered, which makes the Frame slightly more sustainable than other choices, although it is sometimes tedious to get the IR blaster in the right place. 


The newest version of the Samsung Frame is a marked step up and arguably one of the first versions of the Frame that can hold its own against Samsung’s QLED TVs. That being said, it is hard to compare the Frame because its aesthetic is so unique to itself. Realistically its biggest selling point is its versatility and the fact that you can enjoy your viewing experience regardless of the light levels – even in direct sunlight. That being said, purchasing the 2022 Frame is a big decision because it is not exactly one of the cheaper models on the market right now. However, it is an investment because it is one of the best televisions on the market right now, and it will last.